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We've got a Yahoo Group set up called DFWAtheistTalk.

Click here to check it out.

Click "Join This Group" and you can read and post messages with us. WARNING: It's filled with all kinds of jibber-jabber about this and that. You see, we're all friends. And we just kind of talk about whatever. We'd love for you to join us.

Once you've joined, you can click "Edit Membership" to change your subscription settings.

We're looking into setting up a dedicated forum, but for now, this is what we use.


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Oooo snap we're all up on facebook now! We started a facebook group to help all our facebook friends find the very website you are looking at right now. But why not be totally redundant and link back to it from here?

Seriously, though, metroplexatheists.org will always have the latest and greatest info, so the only reason to join the facebook group is to increase awareness of our organization among your facebook peeps.

Check here to check out our facebook group (this only works if you are a member of facebook, but it's free to sign up).


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Donate directly to the Metroplex Atheists general fund. You know you want to!

Donate to Metroplex Atheists

Want to donate by making purchases you would have made anyway? Click here to shop on Amazon.com and a little cut of their profits goes to us (you pay the same low price)!


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