The Constitution of the United States of America was created in the year 1787.  Fundamentalist Christians claim it is based on Christian principles and is a “Christian Constitution”.  Metroplex Atheists seeks to disprove this notion by offering a prize of $1,787 to the first person who can find any of the following words that are associated with Christianity in the U.S. Constitution.  Many, if not all of these words, would obviously be found in any Christian document as lengthy as the United States Constitution. 

The words are:            

Christ, Christian, Jesus, Messiah, God, Jehovah, Yaweh, Bible, Church, Salvation, Baptism, Crucifixion, Resurrection, Nazarene, Gospel, Preacher, Pastor, Priest, Scripture, Trinity, Believer, Rapture, Christmas, Easter, Heaven, Hell, Angel, Demon, Pentecost, Saint, Almighty, Divinity, Worshipper, Apostle, Protestant, Catholic, Purgatory, Paradise, Rabbi, Torah, Pharisee, Devil, Lucifer, Cathedral, Temple, Synagogue, Sacrament, Ascension, Sabbath, Holy, Sacred, Annunciation, Incarnation, Eucharist, Cross, Sin, Grace, Spirituality, Blasphemy, Evangelical, Ecumenical, Jerusalem, Fundamentalist, Crusade, Transfiguration, Confessional, Penitent, Nativity, Ecclesiastical, Heresy, Sacrifice, Inquisition, Theist

Some argue that “Year of our Lord” shows that the Constitution is a Christian document. But that phrase has no legal significance because the attestation clause isn’t part of the legal Constitution. The Constitution ends with Art. VII, which said it would be effective after 9 states ratified it. The date and signatures were not ratified because they’re not part of the Constitution. Other dates in the Constitution itself don’t include the language. For more, read “Dating God: What’s ‘Year of our Lord’ doing in the U.S. Constitution?’” by constitutional attorney and author Andrew Seidel. 

Metroplex Atheists presents this challenge in the hope that it will encourage people to read all of the U.S. Constitution to show clearly that it is not a “Christian” document. Please contact [email protected] for inquiries.

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