A message from our president, Umair Khan:

Thank you everyone for your support!

With District Judge Reed O’Connor denying our preliminary injunction to post the banners, we took to Downtown Fort Worth to march with the banners. There were about 15 members of local area Atheist organizations walking in peace to share our message. The march shows how important it is to stand together for all democratic freedoms.

Nick Fish, President of American Atheists has provided an excellent statement on our Lawsuit.

”Right now, we are suing the City of Fort Worth for discriminating against the local atheist group, Metroplex Atheists. The city has permitted downtown banners for Christian organizations, including Kenneth Copeland Ministries and Texas Christian University—but denied Metroplex Atheists the same request.

Last week, a judge denied our motion for a preliminary injunction in the case—but things are far from over. Our lawsuit will continue as planned. Despite the temporary setback, the law is on our side.”

As Hemant Mehta @Friendly Atheist explained, “The same judge apparently made the same argument in a different case…and his decision was later overturned by an appellate court.”

We will not rest until Metroplex Atheists receive the same rights as all other groups. This is a fight on behalf of all nonreligious Americans—in Texas and all throughout the country.

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